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Ghost of Slain Gangster Arshad Pappu continues to haunt as police officials accused in his murder die one by one

Just like in movies, police officers named in the murder of Arshad Pappu, the Lyari gangster who was killed and chopped into pieces by Uzair Baloch, are mysteriously being killed one by one.

The latest killing is of Inspector Chand Khan Niazi and his accomplice Abdul Rehman.

In a cold blooded, daytime, mid city attack, a police officer and his companion who was returning from the court were shot right from behind by two men riding a bike.

Dismissed Police Inspector Chand Khan Niazi and his accomplice Abdul Rehman, who were returning from the court on Tuesday afternoon, were killed by motorcyclists in broad daylight. Police found three 9mm shells from crime scene.

Abdul Rehman was killed on the spot while his fellow rider, Chand Khan Niazi, who seems to escape the scene later succumbed to three bullet wounds.

Abdul Rehman was an employee in the education department in Balochistan. It is said that he was present when Arshad Pappu’s body was being dismantled. 

Prior to the incident, in December 2021, two more people, one police official, belonging to the same case were killed in a similar fashion.

Former SHO Javed Baloch and his cousin Musaddiq, were killed by an unidentified motorcyclist in Soldier Bazaar area. Javed Baloch too was returning from ATC court when he was attacked and killed. He too was receiving threats and had moved his residence from Lyari.

The investigating officer of Arshad Pappu murder case says that slain Javed Baloch, Chand Khan Niazi, Abdul Rehman, Akram Baloch, Yousuf Baloch, and former MNA Shahjahan are both accused and witnesses in Arshad Pappu murder case.

Out of 6 people, three have been killed while the rest three are alive.

They are accused of facilitating the killing of Arshad Pappu.

Investigating officer says that statements of 28 people have been made while the verdict can be given on completion of witness.

Investigators say that slain Javed and Chand Khan Niazi could have promised to be pardoned witnesses which could have harmed Uzair Baloch in his case, but instead, they have been killed giving way to other speculations.

Investigators also speculate that this killing might have been done by Jamil Chaangah. Jamil is close to Uzair Baloch. Police say that Jamil might have killed these men to eliminate witnesses who could testify against Uzair Baloch.

Lastly, investigators say that Arshad Pappu’s son may also be behind the murder to avenge his father’s death.

Arshad Pappu.

Arshad Pappu was killed after being abducted along with his brother Yasir Arafat and accomplice Shiraz Pathan from Defense area in March 2013.

It is said that police was used by another Lyari gangster, Uzair Baloch, in the gruesome killing which had chilling details. It is widely rumored that Asrhad Pappu’s head was chopped off and Uzair kept playing football with it in the streets of Lyari.  

Uzair Baloch.

Arshad Pappu murder case was registered against Uzair Baloch, Noor Muhammad alias Baba ladle, Taj Muhammad alias Taju and others.

Ebad Usmani
Ebad Usmani
Journalist specializing in reporting crime from one of the most populated city of the world.
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