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The story of handwritten notes that helped Sindh Police recover two BTS fan-girls who left home to meet the South Korean band

13 year old Kinza and 14 year old Naila went missing on Saturday 7th of January from Karachi.

Kinza’s father upon looking around the house went to Naila’s house to see if she was there. The parents got to know that both cousins were missing from approximately the same time. Both family started a hunt for the kids around the neighborhood.

As time kept passing the families of both kids kept getting more worried till the time they finally approached the police on Saturday.

The police had registered a case and started investigations but no clue was found. The parents of both family were in shock as to where their young kids had disappeared. Unsatisfied by the progress of the police the parents of both families staged a protest in front of Zaman Town police station Karachi on Sunday 8th of January.

The police continued with it’s investigations, interviewing many people from the area to the school, to the friends and family when they finally opened the bag of Kinza.

In the bag there was present a notebook which had handwritten plans of the girls with the title – ‘Mission: The End of our future.’

Some of the writings of the kids were not readable but others were very clearly written. They found more than one pages in the notebook which revealed how they planned to run from Karachi to Lahore with a male cousin Nofil.

On one page the police found a plan in written by Kinza on the 7th of December that she and Naila have decided to run away from Karachi to Lahore. She writes that a night before, she told this plan to Nofil who agreed to go along with them. She writes that she hasn’t told Naila about Nofil and wasn’t sure what she will say about it.

On another page they found fares of trains going from Karachi to Lahore.

Upon receiving these clues the police had alerted Pakistan Railway Police and the girls were found at Lahore railway station on the evening of Sunday 8th of January.

The girls were taken into custody by the Railway police and handed over to the Sindh Police. The police said that the girls were alone and that no other person was found with them. The police also said that the girls did not have any mobile phone or even any sort of ID.

Upon interrogation the young girls revealed that they wanted to meet the famous South Korean Band – BTS. So they left their houses for Lahore to further fly to South Korea in a bid to meet BTS.

The police said that they young girls were fans of BTS, and that they wanted to meet them and work with them.

Ebad Usmani
Ebad Usmani
Journalist specializing in reporting crime from one of the most populated city of the world.
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