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Bilal Maqsood Raises Concerns: Fake Tweets and Accounts Endanger Father’s Life

The well-known Pakistani singer, Bilal Maqsood, recently addressed the matter of a phony account imitating his father, the eminent author, and comedian Anwar Maqsood, on Twitter.

In his tweet, Bilal begged his followers to report the phony account because he was worried about the safety of his father’s life as a result of these criminal acts. The singer added clarification, saying that his father doesn’t post anything on social media and that the real account, which was set up to report any accounts posing as the humorist but had just three posts, had only three posts. Bilal stressed that his father’s life is in danger solely due to these false tweets. He mentioned that the person responsible for these tweets had already blocked him and requested others to report the account.

The musician said, “[My father] does not post anything on social media. There are only three posts on his actual account. We created that account so that we could report all the bogus ones. Before this, when the seasoned comic first joined Twitter, he posted two videos to prove the legitimacy of his account and thwart fraudulent ones. He announced his arrival on Twitter and urged his fans to report any other accounts posing as him in the first video, which he addressed directly to the impostor “Anwar Maqsood.” The video was eventually shared on all the false accounts, which led to confusion and made it difficult to distinguish the real profile.

The well-known television host was unfazed and resolved to clear up the confusion despite this. In an additional video that he posted, he made specific mention of the username of his account, AnwarMaqsood01, to dispel any lingering doubts about the authenticity of the other account. He provided his supporters with confidence, assuring them that any other profiles using his identity were fake, and urged them to expose those impersonators if they genuinely cared for him. A video released by a user on social media brought the issue of phony accounts using the author’s name to express political remarks to the fore. The Pride of Performance winner made it clear in the video that he does not manage any social media accounts and is not connected to any tweets that are published using his name.

He made a lighthearted reference to having an outdated phone that couldn’t send messages effectively to illustrate his technological limitations. He apologized to anyone who may have been harmed by the fictitious tweets and reaffirmed that he had nothing to do with them. He also denied making any political views that may have been mistakenly ascribed to him on social media.

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The incident raises awareness of the pervasive problem of online impersonation and phony accounts, which can be dangerous for public individuals. The actions taken by his family and supporters to find and disclose these fake profiles serve as a reminder of how crucial cybersecurity and alertness are in the modern world.


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