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Lawyer Mian Ali Ashfaq Refutes Rumors of Imran Riaz Khan in Coma

Prominent lawyer Mian Ali Ashfaq, representing Imran Riaz Khan in court, has dismissed rumors of Imran Riaz Khan being in a coma as a result of torture.

Mian Ali Ashfaq stated that he is unaware of any such incident, and no information regarding such a situation has been conveyed to him from any source.

During an exclusive interview with othernews.pk, Mian Ali Ashfaq revealed that he has been in communication with security officials regarding Imran Riaz’s case and expressed optimism about a positive development within the next 12 hours.

Currently residing in the UK, Mian Ali Ashfaq assured that he is maintaining close coordination with his team in Pakistan, who are diligently handling the ongoing proceedings of the case. He emphasized that he is well-informed about the progress made in the court.

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Mian Ali Ashfaq also expressed his belief that journalist Imran Riaz Khan will likely be located soon.

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