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Fox Cricket rebutted by PCB for Making “Baseless Personal Accusations” Against Babar Azam

In response to “unsubstantiated personal charges” made against Captain Babar Azam by Fox Cricket, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) took Fox Cricket to task on Tuesday.

As a response to a tweet from Fox Cricket in which Babar was alleged to have “sexted a teammate’s girlfriend,” the cricketing board said: “As our media partner, you might have considered ignoring such baseless personal charges which Babar Azam has not thought worthy of a response.” The tweet from Fox Cricket to which the PCB was responding has now been taken down, however, their website still maintains the article about the accusations against Babar. According to a Fox Cricket article, Babar allegedly “promised the woman that her boyfriend’s status in Pakistan’s XI was safe if she kept sexting him.”

The claim was made about a now-deleted tweet from a parody account. The parody account later “removed the original tweet and apologized to Babar directly,” the story continued. Azam has not yet offered any opinions on the predicament. It “doesn’t take too much to be happy,” he wrote alongside a photo of himself he posted a day earlier. A woman made severe accusations against the cricketer in November 2020 and asked for the filing of a prosecution against him on suspicion of fraud and sexual harassment.

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The police were then instructed to file a complaint against Babar by a Lahore session court. The order of the session court was suspended by the Lahore High Court in 2021.

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