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Top Australian TV Host Quits After Receiving Racist Insults

Stan Grant, one of the most well-known TV hosts in Australia, resigned from his position as a prime-time presenter after encountering “relentless” racist taunts. Grant claimed that although he had always experienced racism in his professional life, it got worse after he covered the King’s Coronation for the national broadcaster ABC.

The seasoned Aboriginal journalist had spoken during the reporting about how colonization had affected his people. The “grotesque” abuse directed at the host has to cease, according to the ABC. Grant, however, also asserted that his employer had failed “institutionally” to stand up for or defend him. Over the course of his four-decade journalism career, Grant has won a number of honor, and in 1992 he made history by being the first Aboriginal prime-time host on Australian commercial TV.

But on Friday, he disclosed that he will no longer be hosting the ABC’s premier Q+A panel discussion show or contributing to a weekly online blog. “Racism is unlawful. Racism is a violent act. The Wiradjuri guy wrote, “And I’ve had enough. I don’t want any part of it. I wish to locate a haven of mercy away from the media’s foul smell. In order to discuss the monarchy’s legacy, Mr. Grant claimed he was particularly invited to be a part of the ABC’s Coronation broadcast. He stated during the section that the Crown’s insignia “indicated the invasion, the theft of territory – and in our case, the exterminating war” in reference to a period of martial law in New South Wales in the 1820s that was used to justify the murder of the Wiradjuri people.

Online debate over the topic caused dissent, and some viewers registered complaints to the ABC over its appropriateness. On Friday, Grant accused some “people in the media” of misrepresenting him and painting him as “hate filled,” which he claimed led to an upsurge in racial abuse directed at him. While expressing regret if his personal remarks had offended anyone, he said that he had only stated the “hard realities” out of love for Australia. No one has spoken up for the general populace at the ABC. The lies that have been said or written against me have received no public rebuttal from any ABC executive,” he claimed. Grant was referred to as “one of Australia’s greatest and most renowned journalists” by ABC News director Justin Stevens in a statement, who also called his behavior “abhorrent.”

Stevens responded that “the ABC stands by him,” but he did not address Grant’s criticism of the organization. The news director continued, expressing sadness that the Coronation segment had evoked “a strong response from some viewers.”

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He emphasized that any grievances, criticisms, or hostility regarding the reporting should be addressed to me and not to him, and that the ABC will continue to submit threats to police. Grant’s revelation has led to a flood of accolades from colleagues in the media business. “Stan Grant is a respected journalist, a national hero, and an icon of Australia. A newspaper columnist named Sean Kelly remarked, “This is a sad and disgusting outcome.


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