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Taliban display bodies of four ‘kidnappers’ in Afghanistan’s Herat

KABUL: As the Taliban appoint hardline members to key posts in the war-ravaged country, four kidnappers who abducted a local trader and his son, were hanged after a gun battle in Afghanistan’s third-largest city.

Reports in international media cited that the officials take the four bodies to parts in the western Afghanistan city and then moved them for public display as one Taliban key member pledged stern punishments for such crimes.

Heart’s deputy governor, while speaking with the news agency said, these men kidnapped a local businessman and his son and were planning to shift them out of the city, and they retaliated after being busted at checkpoints. He also mentioned that one Taliban fighter got injuries amid the gun battle.

Narrating the motive behind the first stern move that has garnered international attention, he said “Their bodies were brought to the main square and hung up in the city as a lesson for other kidnappers”. The official added that two victims were released unharmed.

Reports quoting local residents said they flocked at the square after a loudspeaker announcement calling for public attention.

In the pictures and footage of the gruesome act, blood-spattered bodies can be seen lying on the back of a vehicle while a crane hoisted a man. A video shared by a wire news agency showed crowd around the crane while some men chanted.

In another clip, a man was suspended from a crane at a major roundabout in Herat with a sign on his chest reading: “Abductors will be punished like this”.

Meanwhile, a Taliban fighter told a news agency that the aim of this action is to alert all criminals that ‘they are not safe’.

Many of the western powers have also raised questions in wake of the unusual punishment. As the world is expecting to see whether the Taliban will follow new promises or pick their harsh rule of the late 90s in which people were publicly stoned while other faced limb amputation.

On Friday, US President condemned reinstating amputations and executions of Afghans as the US would not tolerate the Taliban’s stern punishment methods, reports quoting State Department spokesman Ned Price cited.

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