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Sleep Influencer: Earning $30k by letting strangers disrupt sleep

28 years old Jakey Boehm, a famous tiktoker is earning thirty-thousand Dollars by letting users disrupt his sleep-in creative ways.

According to Boehm, “I made almost five thousand dollars, during the first week.” He also named it a life-changing money.

The bizarre thing found in his stream is that he uses a prompt where live chats are displayed. He also receives a present which activates neon lights and also activates the loud music. Moreover, he works 49 hours a week and cleverly utilizes the gift function of TikTok in his live streams. This unique live stream has enlisted his name in the Top 30 most viewed streamers in Australia.

According to the founder of the Network Effect, the level of authenticity is provided through the stream, which is craved by many users. He further added that behind the scenes is what everyone wants to see.

Boehm has about four hundred thousand followers on his TikTok account. His stream includes a distinct distraction to every present he receives and breaks it down with a key hanging above his mattress. Despite all the creativity he is using in his live stream, some reactions on Twitter are notable.

@mistressxienna wrote, “I need a tech slave to set up a room like jakeyboehm for my amusement.”

@prius_silver also reacted with a comment “Crazy how far people, who provide no real-world value, can get in life.”

@nosworc82 gave a sarcastic reaction on a post “So he sleeps all day and pretends to try and sleep on the lives, people who pay for this shit are dumb as rocks.”

Boehm is not the only TikToker who is using the live stream overnight. 18 years old Brian Hector got thousands of viewers during his overnight stream, and he also got some donations. According to Brian, after the overnight livestream, he woke up in the morning and told his mother that he made money falling asleep.

Influencer lands herself in trouble after shaking a leg in middle of road in India

In 2019, the bizarre sleepfluncer also includes an incident where an influencer passed out and got two hundred followers. Moreover, a Chinese TikToker named Douyin got above 18 million views during his sleep stream.

The bizarre aspect of this live stream includes a 24 year old Joe Fay who overnight streamed his Tesla by tapping his phone through the window.

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