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Saudi Arabia Modifies Nationality Laws to Provide Citizenship

Saudi Arabia is altering the process through which it provides citizenship to foreign nationals.

The Prime Minister will have the power to confer citizenship to foreign nationals under new regulations, which are scheduled to become law after being published in the Kingdom’s Official Gazette. In addition to being published in the Um Al Qura gazette, the decision was publicized on the official Mecca Province Twitter account.

On the advice of the Kingdom’s Ministry of Interior, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, the country’s prime minister, will have the authority to award citizenship to certain people. Article Eight of the Kingdom’s Nationality Law has been changed to reflect the change.

A royal order authorizing the modification was issued in January, and on March 13 it became effective. According to a source in Um Al Quara, Article Eight of the Saudi Nationality Law would be changed to read “Saudi nationality may be given by decree of the Prime Minister based on a proposal from the Minister of Interior” after a review of Royal Decree No (M / 88) dated 6/11/1444 AH.

It happens as the Kingdom introduces significant modifications to who is qualified to become a citizen. King Salman bin Abdul Aziz issued a royal decree earlier this year that establishes who is eligible to apply for citizenship in the KSA.

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The children of Saudi women who wed foreigners are now eligible to seek citizenship once they become 18 under the new regulations. The decree was added to article No. 8 of the nation’s citizenship constitution.

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