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Rs.1000 – cost of taking away a newborn kidnapped baby which died after abduction

A heart wrenching story of how a newborn baby was kidnaped and later abandoned and killed due to growing media attention has surfaced in Pakistan’s biggest city, Karachi.

The kidnapers handed baby over to the parents who desired a baby boy. As the case came to lime-light, the parents which received the baby, got nervous and handed the baby over to a garbage picker with Rs 1000 to take it to the police station so it can reach its real parents. But fate did not approve.

Its a twisted tale of fraud and deceit involving an innocent infant.   

On 17th April a newborn baby was kidnapped from a hospital in Gulberg. The baby is said to be born in the same hospital. A case was registered and the police began its investigation.

During investigation, raids were conducted and numerous people were taken into custody. Police arrested a hospital employee and a sister of hers and another lady.

It was revealed during course of investigation that the baby was later handed over to a man who gave the baby to parents willing to receive the kidnapped baby.

Investigators told othernews.pk that while the new mother was taking the baby to the new house she saw group of people standing on the street. She thought that the people were there for the missing baby. She left the baby on the footpath in a bag and fled from there.

When she reached home, her husband went to the police station and reported a missing baby. The police found the baby on the footpath and handed it over not to the baby’s biological parents but to the parents who received the baby after it was kidnapped.

As public attention grew on the missing infant from hospital, the parents who had received the baby, out of fear of getting caught, handed over the newborn to a garbage picker, Bilal with Rs 1000.

He was told to take the baby to the police station, so it can reach its real parents. But the story took another tragic turn.  

After days of looking for the garbage picker when the police found him, he revealed that the baby was dead when he received it. 

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He said that when he got the bag and opened it the baby was already dead. “I checked his breaths, his heartbeat, he wasn’t alive,” said Bilal. He told the police that he buried the infant in the KBR graveyard.

Police are now seeking permission from court to open the said grave. 

Ebad Usmani
Ebad Usmani
Journalist specializing in reporting crime from one of the most populated city of the world.
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