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Pakistani Students More Likely To Form Romantic Relationships: Survey

SNSs (Social Networking Sites) are rapidly being discussed in academic journals all over the world.

The current study looked into the effects of social media on youth in modern Pakistan, with a particular focus on changes in family relationships.

The researchers employed a survey method to collect data within the paradigm of quantitative research methodology. 175 Masters level students who used social media excessively were surveyed using a structured questionnaire.

The majority of the respondents (94 percent) agreed that excessive usage of social media has a detrimental impact on family connections. They claimed to have felt alone and alienated from family, friends, and even themselves.

As a result, introverted personalities have been reported. Based on the data, it can be stated that youth’s usage of social media is weakening their relationship with their families and changing their value system.

Unofficial relationships have a two-way influence, with both male and female parties bearing the brunt of the consequences. Females in traditional civilizations are also subjected to a great deal of suffering as a result of teasing attitudes, honor killings, social shame, and parental contempt for their emotions. These practices should be prevented and not favored, but regrettably, changing society’s mindset takes decades, and we must take such measures to avoid any pressure.

Male and female social contact is not prohibited; they can be better friends instead of making false promises to each other when they are reliant on their families to provide them with a pen to write their notes. Students continue to live in their comfort zones, with their parents attempting to make it more comfortable for them, which is unhealthy. Parents should put a lot of pressure on these youngsters during their academic years in order to prepare them for their future careers.

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Nowadays, earning money is extremely convenient, such as through freelancing and online money making opportunities, which are readily available to ensure that their daily basic needs are met through their own efforts, allowing them to appreciate the value of money that they waste on unnecessary activities.

Institutions should aim to build counseling services for students where they have access to be appropriately treated. This will also assist institutes in taking regulatory actions to standardize educational functioning and emotional needs.


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