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Pakistani Martial Artist Plans to Try for Four World Records

Rashid Naseem, a Pakistani martial artist, said he will be going to Italy to try four Guinness World Records.

The record-holder, who has other records for Pakistan under his belt, will go for Italy on February 4. The martial artist’s attempts to break all four records will be featured on a television program. Rashid told GeoSuper that he is really happy to announce that he has received his visa to Italy, where he will be attempting four world records. They sent him a formal invitation. He considers it an honor to once again stand in for Pakistan on a global platform, he continued.

Rashid will attempt to break several records while in Italy, including the fastest time to break a clay target with a nunchaku, the fastest time to remove the most playing cards from between two balanced bottles using a nunchaku, the fastest time to smash a can of cold drinks with the head, and the fastest time to remove a bottle cap with the head.

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Rashid’s record for “most playing cards removed between two balanced bottles with a nunchaku in one minute” was listed among the greatest of 2022. Rashid has established 82 unique world records for Pakistan to date.

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