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Online Gaming: Son spends Rs. 39 Lakh from Father’s Account in Agra

The son of a retired soldier from the Indian city of Agra was allegedly hooked to online games, which caused the father’s account to go bankrupt. When a sudden withdrawal of 39 lakh Indian Rupees from the soldier’s account occurred, the son was playing an online game on his father’s mobile device. The retired soldier filed a cybercrime complaint as soon as he learned of this.

The retired soldier told the police’s cybercrime unit that he had no idea how the money had been taken out of the account, that no message had been received, and that we had not downloaded any apps. In response to the soldier’s complaint, the Cyber Crime Wing took action and also obtained the soldier’s account information, which showed that the funds from the victim’s account were transferred first from PTM to Koda Payment and subsequently to a bank account in Singapore.

The bank account, according to the report, is owned by Crafton Company, which operates an online game called “Battle Ground Online India.” Police filed a lawsuit against the corporation after discovering that the game’s auto-payment function prompted the soldier’s kid to purchase stuff and gaming accounts while he was playing. The game also required money to unlock weapons and other features. A total of 39 lakhs Indian rupees were spent.

Another incidence involved an intermediate student who lost 36 lakh Indian rupees due to gaming addiction. Without his mother’s knowledge, all of this money was wasted. The incident happened in Hyderabad’s Amberpet neighborhood. The concerned woman went to the Hyderabad police after having suspicions that someone had stolen money from her account. The authorities discovered throughout their inquiry that it was her son who had lost the money in gambling.

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In May 2022, another incident took place in which the police in Lucknow arrested a man and his assistant who forced a 14-year-old boy to pay for the game’s more difficult levels. Over the course of a month, the victim was forced to sell his possessions and take Rs. 4.5 lakh from his house’s locker. His father became suspicious and filed an FIR, which is how the situation was brought to light.


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