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Lucky or Unlucky? French Woman Struck by a Meteorite while sipping Coffee at Home

In a rare astronomical incident, a French woman was struck by a meteorite while drinking coffee with a friend on the patio.

According to a foreign news source, a rock outside the woman’s home hit her in the ribcage while she was speaking to her friend. The woman’s identity was not released. When speaking with a French news agency, she recounted hearing a loud boom before being struck by the rock.

She recounted that the adjacent roof emitted a loud explosive sound, followed by an immediate jolt felt in her ribcage. “I thought it was an animal, maybe a bat. We initially believed it to be a lump of cement, similar to the kind we use to adhere ridge tiles. However, the color was different,” she said. 

Initially, the woman did not recognize the stone. After contacting a roofer, she was informed that it was a piece of meteorite. She then reached out to geologist Thierry Rebmann, who confirmed its origin. The geologist stated that the meteorite was composed of a blend of silicon and iron, which is not uncommon.

He stated that coming across a meteorite is already a remarkable occurrence, but having personal interaction with one and experiencing it falling on you is an incredibly uncommon event from an astronomical standpoint. The scientist further mentioned that it is uncommon to find meteorites in regions with moderate climates. 

“Discovering them in our temperate areas is rare as they tend to mix with other components. However, in a desert setting, humans can more easily locate them,” Dr. Rebmann explained.

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Meteorites are referred to as “space rocks” by NASA, and they are remnants that make it through Earth’s atmosphere and land on the ground. According to the space agency, the planet likely receives approximately 50 tons of meteoritic debris.

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