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Indian court bans ‘Selmon Bhoi’, a mobile game based on Salman Khan’s 2002 hit and run case

MUMBAI: An Indian civil court banned a mobile video game named ‘Selmon Bhoi’, a character killing alien’s game, which is based on Bollywood superstar’s famous hit-and-run case in which he got acquitted from all charges.

Khan is popularly known as ‘Salman Bhai’ around the world especially in India while the firm tweaked the name to Selmon. Many of the troll pages and social media trolls also called the Bollywood actor ‘Selmon’ in wake of the badly dubbed personality of Salman khan.

Meanwhile, the game description cited “Selmon Bhoi is on a quest to finish entire life on earth by smashing the hell out of every single BOO-slims life.”

The game featured a car driver on a planet which needs to kill aliens and animals including camels, polar bears, and deer.

The court in the detailed verdict ruled “When the plaintiff has not given any consent for installing, preparing and running such game which is very similar to his identity and the case which was against him, certainly his right to privacy is being deprived and is also tarnishing his image”.

Following the development, the company Parody Studios Pvt Ltd, has been barred from ‘dissemination, launch, re-launch, and recreation’ of the game or any content that involves Bollywood star

The court ruling also restrained the defendants from making any defamatory remarks against Khan in any way which ‘tends to injure’ him or his family.

Earlier, the Radhe actor had filed a plea in the court last month against Parody Studios stated that the name and images displayed in the game appeared to be his caricature version.

In 2015, an Indian court overturned Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s conviction in a 13-year-old hit-and-run case, scrapping a lower court’s sentence of five years in jail for running over a homeless man.

According to the FIR, Khan’s SUV rammed into a group of people sleeping on a city sidewalk, killing one and injuring four.

Other than the hit and run, Khan was jailed for nearly a week for shooting an endangered deer on a hunting trip in Rajasthan.


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