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In Lahore, Saying ‘No’ to Covid Jab can lead to days behind bars

LAHORE: As many of the countries are offering perks for getting vaccinated against the novel coronavirus, the government in Pakistan’s most populous province is taking a more punitive approach in a bid to stem the fourth wave of the pandemic in its capital city.

According to the report of Dunya News, the decision was reportedly taken at the meeting in which officials proposed to arrest unvaccinated citizens coming to shopping malls in the provincial capital as it imposed a number of curbs including refueling of vehicles to no-issuance of salaries.

Meanwhile, the government employees, who have failed to get vaccinated in the last month, will be charged under the Punjab Employees Efficiency, Discipline, and Accountability Act, 2006.

A number of state-run departments including Lahore Electric Supply Company proclaimed that the salaries of unvaccinated employees will not be disbursed until they show vaccine proof.

Meanwhile, surveillance and enforcement squads are in action to ensure non-provision of transport and restaurant services, and fuel to unvaccinated citizens. DC Lahore as quoted by the news outlets said the businesses violating covid related SOPs would be sealed for at least one week.

It was also revealed that the law enforcement officials and administration will be strictly monitoring events.

As thousands thronged Covid vaccination centers after officials announced stern penalties, the provincial health department administered a record 124,000 vaccinations in Lahore, with more than 40 percent of the population so far receiving the first dose of the covid vaccine.

Similarly, in order to travel on trains and buses and use highways and motorways, citizens will have to be partially vaccinated in the next 15 days and completely vaccinated by mid to next month.

The recently imposed restrictions were rolled out on the directives of the country’s top monitoring body on novel disease which aimed to vaccine around 70 million people by the end of this year.

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