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Father Kills Daughter for posting Dancing Video Online in Charsadda

Following the widespread success of a video of his daughter’s dancing on social media, a father in the village of Vano Ghari in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa shot his 18-year-old daughter.

When the girl’s husband Bakhtiar Gul entered his home, he took a revolver, and shot his daughter to death, the girl’s mother told the neighborhood police that she was present, along with her daughter and a son-in-law. She went on to claim that her husband killed their kid after being made fun of for the video by a new acquaintance.

In Islamabad, where another guy from Swat also lived, the mother said that the deceased daughter was employed as a domestic servant by an affluent household. According to reports, the woman was asked to marry the man, but she declined because of her existing engagement. She said that as retaliation, the child shared a video of her dancing with a fake ID on social media after attempting to blackmail her but failing. She asserted that on the day of the occurrence, they had decided to report the individual to the police in Islamabad.

In a separate incident, a dad shot his daughter dead after she appeared in court for a matter involving her choice of marriage. The shooting also resulted in the injuries of another individual and a police head constable.

Amir Zaman Masood, the girl’s 65-year-old father, was apprehended by police and witnesses in the court as he attempted to flee the site of the crime, according to SSP City Shabir Sithar. He also added that the murder weapon was found on him. Hajira, 20, had eloped with Syed Jawwad Hussain, according to Masood, who informed the police that he killed her in the name of honor.

Imran Zaman, the 40-year-old chief constable who was hurt, and Wajid, the 20-year-old son of Kaleem Khan, who was in court for a hearing, were taken urgently to the Civil Hospital.

According to SSP Sithar, Hajira, a resident of Manghopir Road in Kunwari Colony, escaped her house on January 3 and married Syed Jawad Hussain, who is reputed to be a doctor.

According to SSP Sithar, the victim had gone to court with head constable Imran Zaman, who works in Pirabad Investigation, after the father of the girl reported the abduction on January 10 to the Pirabad police station. Hajira, Zaman, and Wajid were hurt when Masood opened fire on them as they approached Gate 4 of the municipal court while he was pursuing them.

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The other two were wounded by bullets, but Hajira passed away on the way to the hospital. At the location of the incident, police discovered three bullet casings. The head constable Khyber Zaman was deployed at the gate since no one is permitted to enter via it, and an investigation has been opened against him. The SSP told the media that the arrested suspect entered the City Courts through Gate 4, which is not permitted.

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