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Monday, December 5, 2022

Calvin Klein picks up heat for promoting Mother’s Day by featuring ‘pregnant man’

A Mother’s Day campaign by Calvin Klein that features a pregnant transgender guy has sparked outrage on social media.

“Goodbye Calvin Klein,” “brand cancelled,” “Blocked,” “No longer purchasing this brand,” and a slew of other phrases were used. “Thank you for showcasing many sorts of motherhood,” one remarked, and “I love to see this anti-exclusivity marketing by a great company like yours.”

Calvin Klein’s Mother’s Day post highlighted parents, couples, and their children, but the addition of a transgender couple, Roberto Bete and Erika, did not go over well with users. In the advertisement, Roberto is depicted as a pregnant man.

One person wrote: “The latest @CalvinKlein ‘pregnant guy’ campaign, promoting the diversity of families for (US) Mother’s Day, is causing transphobes to lose their minds. It’s not a novel concept, and the reaction isn’t either…”

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In response to the outrage, Calvin Klein held firm and reaffirmed the brand’s commitment to diversity. “We embrace this platform as an inclusive and respectful space for individualism and self-expression,” the business stated. We tolerate everything at Calvin Klein except intolerance—intolerant comments will be removed, and accounts that make abusive statements may be disabled.”

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