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Women Set Husbands on Fire in two different incidents

Two women, one from Muzaffargarh other from Pakpattan set their husbands ablaze in two different incidents of domestic dispute in Punjab.

A lady in Punjab’s Muzaffargarh allegedly lit her husband on fire after throwing petrol on him during a domestic dispute.

According to reports, the tragic incident occurred in Muzaffargarh’s Ali Pur Tehsil, when a woman called Nasreen set fire to her husband over ongoing domestic troubles.

According to police sources, Bilal Hussain, 42, was involved in a domestic conflict with his wife Nasreen Bibi.

Nasreen Bibi, together with Faheem Bibi w/o Muhammad Jameel and Ashfaq s/o Mushtaq, allegedly poured petrol on her husband while he was sleeping in the house on Sunday late at night and lit him on fire.

When the neighbors arrived, they discovered Nasreen Bibi holding a matchbox, and her accomplices holding petrol-filled bottles.

After receiving the call, Rescue 1122 officers arrived on the scene and transported the burned husband to the hospital, where physicians determined that the fire had harmed 60 percent of his body.

After filing a report on the heinous crime, the police arrested two women, including Bilal’s wife. According to the Setpur police, an inquiry is underway to ascertain the reason for the tragedy.

In a separate incident, a woman in the Punjab province’s Pakpattan area, gave her husband and his friend an intoxicant, knocking them out.

She then set both the men on fire with a male accomplice.

The spouse died as a result of the awful incident and the other man suffered severe burn wounds and is currently in a hospital.

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