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WhatsApp Going To Release a New Camera and Photo-Editing Feature

WhatsApp, the well-known messaging app from Meta, is currently working on several new features. The camera and photo editing tool in WhatsApp have received a few small but helpful enhancements, and both are now available in the current beta version.

The camera portion of WhatsApp now offers independent photo and video recording options. By doing this, you should be able to capture videos without needing to press the record button for as long as before. Tap once after sliding to the “Video” option to start recording. You can pause recording simply by touching it once more, just like with other Android camera apps.

You can do this to switch between the front and back cameras while recording. Normally, WhatsApp only makes new features initially accessible to a select group of users, but this upgrade is an exception. The most recent beta version, is already accessible to everyone, indicating that it will be made available very soon. WhatsApp also plans to increase the text editing options in the photo editor. Additionally, the most recent beta version of this functionality was found. You will have more font options and it will be simpler to edit text that is already embedded in images, videos, and GIFs.

We currently have a selection of the fonts Damion, Exoz, Courier Prime, Morning Breeze, and Castiloga. However, for the time being, these will only be accessible in the text editor and won’t be included in status updates. There is no indication of whether WhatsApp will eventually roll out that capability. In a future update to WhatsApp’s stable version, the extra text editing features ought to be accessible.

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