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Wearable Beanbags Introduced By a Japanese Business Allows Users to Relax Anytime, at Anyplace

The internet is packed with weird content to amuse users, from hearing about a woman who is hooked to eating her bed to this video showing people wearing beanbags everywhere.

The recently introduced “wearable beanbags” are every bit as unusual as they seem. Have you ever considered taking a sizable bean bag with you wherever you go so you can relax in it and take a nap? Although it may appear strange at first, it has materialized. The internet has gone crazy over a promotional video for this special product.

The news organization Reuters posted the video on Twitter along with the statement, “A Japanese apparel firm invented ‘wearable beanbags’ which allows individuals to plop themselves down anytime, anyplace. According to Shogo Takikawa, a spokesperson for the Japanese company Takikou Sewing, their new hilarious bean bag in the shape of an onion is meant to encourage relaxation and allow customers to “completely let go,” the video gives more information about the designed clothes. In Japan, the bean bag has already gained popularity on social media.

The vision for a cushion that would let you let go anytime, anywhere was the inspiration for the design. In your living room or a variety of different locations, you can put this on and unwind. Takikawa stated, “That is why we made it. One customer claims that it causes them to get a little heavier in the middle. It’s entertaining, though. In sizes for children, adults, and big sizes, the wearing bean bags cost around $120. I had underestimated how bright it was. Another person noted that it was warm. “I think wearing this in the cold would make you feel quite warm.”

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