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Waqar Zaka Criticizes Nida Yasir’s Accusation of Sabotage: Calls it ‘Insensitive’

When Nida Yasir, an actress and morning show host, accused Waqar Zaka, a cryptocurrency expert and TV personality, of attempting to undermine her program, Zaka responded emphatically.

He revealed that his concern stemmed from Nida’s conduct during morning shows, particularly when she invited the parents of a girl who had been raped and subsequently killed. Zaka shared a video statement on his social media platforms, asserting that Nida’s intrusive and insensitive questioning, which made the parents cry, caused an uproar and ignited a heated controversy surrounding the show.

According to Zaka, Nida claimed on her show that the parents had requested to appear for media support regarding their daughter’s legal rights. In response, he shared a video of an activist interviewing the parents, disproving Nida’s allegations. The activist revealed that Nida had invited the parents, contradicting Nida’s statement. Furthermore, Zaka refuted Nida’s assertion that the family had filed an FIR following their appearance. In the video, Zaka contended that the activist had a conversation with the victim’s parents, who disclosed that they had filed the FIR before their appearance on the morning program. 

Zaka highlighted that these details caused a significant uproar on social media in 2020. He encouraged his followers to report the matter to PEMRA and message Salman Iqbal, the CEO of ARY. Zaka criticized Nida for exploiting such a sensitive case for ratings and dishonestly refusing to apologize once exposed. He emphasized that hosts should be aware of the show’s content and suggested it’s time for elderly hosts on morning shows to step aside, giving opportunities to younger individuals. Zaka proposed that Nida should organize a competition to find her replacement and disclosed that he had complained to Salman Iqbal about providing a platform to other women, stating that Nida lacks the qualities of an ‘Oprah’ and lacks a life philosophy.

While appearing as a guest on Geo’s “Hasna Mana Hai,” Nida made news on Saturday by revealing that Waqar Zaka had attempted to ruin both her career and her morning show. She stated that when he was employed at the channel, they had a cordial relationship, but after he departed, his behavior changed. Nida admitted, “Waqar started sending emails to the channel’s management, urging them to remove me from my morning show, after he left ARY.”

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