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Voice of America Urges Staff to Refrain from Labeling Hamas Members as ‘Terrorists’

When covering the ongoing Israeli siege of Gaza, one of the editors of Voice of America, a state-run broadcasting service in the United States, has issued an email to staff members and journalists requesting that they refrain from referring to Hamas as “terrorists.”

Republicans are accusing the newsgroup of departing from the official government narrative, according to a story from the Washington Post. They argue that the government-funded news agency should not be afraid to use the term “terrorist.”

The mail recommended, “When reporting on the Israel-Gaza war, or any conflict, it’s crucial to uphold VOA’s commitment to fairness, neutrality, and balance. We must avoid favoring one side and refrain from any actions perceived as biased. While the October 7 attacks on Israel can be termed as terrorist acts, exercise caution in labeling Hamas and its members as terrorists, except when quoting.”

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