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Unknown Metal Ball Washes Ashore On a Japanese Beach (Video)

Authorities in a seaside town in Japan acknowledged they have no idea what the enormous iron ball that washed up on the shore is, other than the fact that it isn’t likely to explode, and the people and police are both confused by it.

The sphere, which has a circumference of roughly 1.5 meters, has been the subject of fevered rumors ever since it washed ashore on Enshu beach in Hamamatsu, a city on the country’s Pacific coast, according to local media sources. As soon as experts employed X-ray technology to look inside the object and discovered that it was hollow, they were able to allay concerns that it might be a misplaced mine.

Furthermore, there are no signs that it was a target of espionage by China or North Korea, who are both in the area. Two raised grips on the sphere’s surface, which suggest it can be attached to anything else, led to a more ordinary theory: that it is a mooring buoy that accidentally came loose and floated off. A local woman discovered the orangey-brown ball resting on the sand just meters from the shore earlier this week while she was out for a stroll, prompting police to start looking at it, according to Asahi TV. The ball is also covered in what appear to be darker areas of rust.

Police surrounded the area with a barrier and requested explosives Reports state that authorities are still unsure of the nature of the sphere and its origins, despite experts dressing in protective gear to conduct additional investigation. The Japanese coast guard and self-defense units have received photos for additional review. One local man who frequently runs on the beach remarked that he did not comprehend why the ball had all of a sudden risen to the forefront. He reported that it had been there for a month to the official broadcaster NHK. He attempted to push it, but it was immovable.

Police once closed up a 200-meter area around the ball as experts labored vainly to unravel the issue. While some felt it resembled something from the well-known manga series Dragon Ball, others believed it to be a flying saucer that had collided with the ground.

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As soon as Japan declared that it “seriously suspected” multiple Chinese spy balloons had been seen over its territory in recent years, social media users began speculating about the object after seeing it on television.

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