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Two People Killed and 45 Injured during Sahiwal Flour Distribution Incident

During the free flour distribution at a center on Tuesday, there was a stampede that left two people dead and 45 others hurt.

19 injured people were sent to DHQ Teaching Hospital Sahiwal, according to rescuers, for medical care. The rescuers explained that the tragedy occurred as a result of poor administration and inadequate planning for the distribution of free wheat flour to the less fortunate.

As soon as the incident was reported, police and district management personnel hurried to the area. It is important to note that the Special Ramzan Package offered by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif includes the distribution of free wheat flour to the public. The package, which is the first of its type, was created to help the less fortunate members of society during the holy month of Ramadan.

An elderly person had passed away earlier that week after traveling to a Faisalabad distribution center to pick up some free flour. Muhammad Kaleem, according to rescuers, was discovered unconscious near the park’s main entrance. He was brought to General Hospital Samanabad, where he then died. In another event, a woman died following a stampede at a location where free flour was distributed, and numerous other people were said to have been hurt. Interim Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi decided to set up free flour distribution stations throughout Punjab starting at six in the morning after becoming aware of the Sahiwal event.

The free flour distribution facilities will open at 6 am, according to CM Mohsin Naqvi, who presided over a meeting to examine the situation with flour. The secretaries and ministers will be in charge of the various areas for three days. To keep an eye on the situation, they would go to flour distribution facilities, Mohsin Naqvi stated. The DPOs and deputy commissioners will also be present at centers in the morning, he added. To prevent unforeseen situations, the Caretaker CM has ordered the deployment of an additional police force at flour distribution centers. Naqvi voiced his displeasure over the rush and hustling situations that occurred at flour centers in Sahiwal and other province cities.

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He gave instructions to the authorities on how to properly control the crowds at Atta centers. Caretaker CM stated that “the people should be directed and advised through public announcements to stand in lineups.” The audience was informed that about 13.2 million flour sacks have so far been dispersed throughout Punjab. The largest number of flour sacks distributed in a short amount of time, according to the session, was 2.1 million today.

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