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Salma Agha Mugged in India, alleges delay in FIR

Two motorcycle-borne robbers snatched renowned actress Salma Agha’s handbag having mobile phone and other valuables, said police officials of Suburban Versova, India.

The 65 year old actress was traveling in an auto-rickshaw from her bungalow to chemist shop in Suburban Versova, India. Actress Salma Agha in her statement told the police that her handbag was snatched by two individuals riding motorcycle. The actress told the police that there were two mobile phones some cash, keys and other items in her bag.

Actress Salma Agha claimed that she went to police station immediately and approached the Versova police station, but no FIR was registered.

She said that an officer at the Versoa PS said it will take up to three hours to file an FIR. The actress informed the Mumbai Police via Twitter about the incident later.

A senior officer of the Versova police station reacting to claims of Salma Agha said: “We register FIR the same day (of an incident), but the actress said she did not have time and will come later. We approached her again, but she did not turn up. We will lodge the FIR once she comes to the police station.”

Aqsa Younas
Journalist, columnist and research analyst.
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