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Triumph in Thailand: Anita Karim Secures Dual Gold Medals in MMA for Pakistan

Anita Karim, a female Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter from Pakistan, secured two gold medals at the Siam Cup in Bangkok, Thailand.

She excelled in both the ‘Absolute’ and 55 kg/lightweight categories, triumphing over Mayo Suzuki of Japan, Chutima Sala of Thailand, and Sefa Phatidi in the lightweight division. Anita prevailed by submission in the first two fights and by one point in the last one. In the absolute category, Anita outperformed Tanyapuran Mangkalkeri and Chautima Sala Sasethun Yahi of Thailand. While the second battle was won on points, the first and third fights were secured via submission. 

Notably, Anita Karim is the first female MMA competitor from Pakistan to participate internationally. Uloomi Kareem, Anita Karim’s brother, is also an MMA fighter. He recently competed on November 25, 2023, facing Mohammad Mahdi of Iran on the same day as his sister. Anita, having achieved six victories, earned a promotion to a purple belt. Despite initially fighting as a blue belt, her success led to this promotion. In a country like Pakistan, where women’s involvement in sports is limited, 27-year-old Anita Karim has made significant strides in her athletic journey.

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