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The Unveiling Truth: Decoding the Viral Video of a Rat in a Cakes and Bakes Package

The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) took immediate steps following the widespread circulation of a video depicting a rat found inside a product from a well-known bakery chain. In the video, a family is shown bringing the matter to the attention of bakery staff, who then open the sweet box, revealing a rat inside.

The entire incident was recorded by a concerned family on film. Responding to public complaints, the PFA promptly implemented measures by sealing the bakery under the Emergency Prohibition Order outlined in the Punjab Food Authority Act of 2011.

The event apparently happened at Cakes & Bakes, the bakery in question, which has a branch in Azad Kashmir. The event allegedly took place in Lahore, according to earlier claims. A couple of hours later, the customers gave back the bag of sweets, and online observers pointed out that the video originated from Azad Kashmir.

Along with the CCTV footage, the well-known bakery responded to the “propaganda” on social media. You can see two people purchasing candies from the bakery in the video. In addition, the bakery stated that they never skimp on quality or hygiene, as demonstrated in the video, which shows how hygienic and sealed the food is. They have additionally vowed to file a lawsuit against anyone who makes unfounded charges.

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