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Sweden’s first-ever female premier ‘survives’ only few hours

Sweden has installed its first-ever female prime minister, Social Democrat Magdalena Andersson, but for a very limited time period as she resigned hours after being appointed.

This landed the country into political imbroglio. Commenting on her decision, Andersson said that she was compelled to quit the post after her budget bill failed and the Green Party left their two-party coalition government.

A day earlier, she had been declared as leader to a standing ovation by some parliamentarians. On the other hand, parliamentarians in the national legislature Riksdag voted for a budget tabled by the opposition that contains the anti-immigration right-wing party of the Sweden Democrats.

The short-lived prime minister expressed hope that she will be reappointed as prime minister in the capacity as the head of a single-party government.


The officials of the Green Party and the socialist Left Party have commented that they are ready to back the re-appointment of Andersson.

Earlier, Andersson worked as finance minister for seven years under her antecedent Stefan Lofven.

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