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Skardu airport goes International

Several countries across the world develop their infrastructure besides providing basic amenities and maintaining cleanliness to boost tourism and generate revenue for their respective states.

The incumbent government of Pakistan is also trying its utmost to revive the dilapidated tourism industry of the country. For the purpose, Skardu airport has been given the international status and it will start operations under its new character from December 2.

In a tweet, the country’s Civil Aviation Authority said the preliminary operations of the airport will be held under the Visual Flight Rules (VFR) only. These rules allow an aircraft to function in clear weather. Smoke, dense precipitation, clouds, low visibility, and other unfavourable weather conditions must be avoided under the VFR.

In January last year, Federal Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan had announced upgrading Skardu airport to world standards. The uplift included the construction of a new runway, new terminal building, apron and provision of other facilities which can fulfill the requirements of the international flight operations. He further said that the Skardu airport was named among the world’s highest altitude airports.

The minister had underscored that a plan was also afoot to expand the Gilgit airport and plans were being put into consideration to build a new airport in Gilgit.


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