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Researcher Presents ‘Alien Bodies’ in Startling Revelation at Mexican Congress

According to an article in The Independent, on September 12, the Mexican Congress presented two bodies that were allegedly of extraterrestrial origin.

These peculiar alien remains were showcased during a live-streamed session of Mexico’s Congress, as reported by local media and The Independent. These deceased extraterrestrial beings have been classified as “Non-human,” and they are believed to be approximately a thousand years old. Before the revelation of these figures, those in attendance were presented with multiple videos illustrating UFOs and various mysterious occurrences. Jaime Maussan, a journalist and UFO researcher responsible for this disclosure appeared before the jury and provided sworn testimony.

Maussan claimed that these preserved extraterrestrial remains do not share any lineage with known terrestrial species. Notably, the fact that approximately one-third of their DNA remains unidentified adds to the mystery. These alien beings weren’t unearthed from a crash site; rather, they were located within the algae mines of Cusco, Peru, where Maussan claimed they eventually underwent fossilization. He went on to explain that comprehensive DNA testing had been conducted at the Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM) as part of their analysis. According to the institute’s findings, over 30% of the DNA from these extraterrestrials did not match any known DNA profiles.

During the session, X-rays of the alleged bodies were displayed to support his claims. One of the bodies appeared to contain “eggs,” and both were said to have implants composed of rare metals such as osmium. The event attracted considerable attention, even drawing the interest of Ryan Graves, who serves as the director of Americans for Safe Aerospace and has a background as a former pilot in the US Navy.

Earlier in the year, Graves had emphasized the potential national security risks associated with unexplained aerial phenomena during a US Congress hearing. Nevertheless, even though Maussan’s recent revelation has generated enthusiasm, it is crucial to exercise caution. The media has reported that Maussan’s history has a stain from 2017 when he claimed to have discovered ‘alien mummies,’ which were ultimately revealed to be human children.

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