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‘Put me in Coach’ adult film star responds after Bazid Khan mistakes Danny Morrison with Dani Daniels

Anybody might simply make a verbal error. While some errors can be overlooked, others might cause a social media meme frenzy. In the second scenario, regrettably renowned announcer Bazid Khan became the victim.

A fellow panelist and former New Zealand cricketer, Danny Morrison, was referred as adult-content actress Dani Daniels on Day 2 of the second Test match currently being played between Pakistan and New Zealand.

According to the specifications, millions of viewers heard the amusing blunder on TV as New Zealand’s tail-enders Matt Henry and Ajaz Patel put together 49 runs for the 10th-wicket stand.

Danny Morrison was referred to as Dani Daniels, an American porn star, by Bazid Khan, who also mentioned the highest-ever 10-wicket partnership for New Zealand.

At this point, Danny and Dani were so similar that Bazid was unable to tell them apart. The record for the highest-ever 10-wicket partnership in New Zealand continues to be held by BF Hastings and RO Collinge. These two athletes set the previous mark. The two batters scored a combined 151 runs in the 1973 game against Pakistan in Auckland.

In addition, Danny Morrison made a significant contribution to the partnership formed at the 10th wicket. They combined for 106 runs against England in Auckland in 1997, which ranks them as New Zealand’s sixth-highest 10-wicket partnerships overall. NJ Astle helped to make this accomplishment feasible. With their 104 runs from yesterday, Henry and Ajaz ranked as New Zealand’s seventh-highest 10-wicket partnership in terms of run total.

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