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President of Colombian Football Club Tigres Tragically Killed Following Team’s Loss at Home

The club has reported that Edgar Paez, their president, was fatally shot following his team’s loss. Tigres FC plays in Colombia’s second tier. He was killed by two individuals on a motorbike close to the stadium when he was driving home with his daughter following the 3-2 home loss to Atletico FC, as reported by local media.

His daughter managed to escape without any injuries, and authorities are presently in the process of conducting a homicide inquiry. The club issued a statement expressing the profound grief felt by the Tigres family and the sports community over this incident.

They emphasized that his unwavering dedication to the team and his tireless efforts to promote the sport in our area have left an enduring impact on everyone fortunate enough to have crossed paths with him. Fernando Jaramillo, the head of the Major Division of Colombian Professional Football (DIMAYOR), overseeing the professional leagues, expressed his sadness at the passing of Paez.

Jaramillo pointed out that Paez was consistently recognized for his respectful interactions with colleagues, his unwavering yet polite positions, and his profound love for the sport we all cherish, which is soccer. Jaramillo also announced that there will be a moment of silence to honor Paez in the upcoming two rounds of matches.

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