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Police Launches Intense Search for Suspected Roaming Lion

Although more than 24 hours have passed since the last sighting, German authorities persist in their search for a wild animal believed to be a lioness, roaming the outskirts of Berlin.

Two witnesses who saw what appeared to be a lioness chasing a wild boar through a street outside the city early on Thursday captured the incident on a brief, blurry video, which has captured Germany’s attention. Until now, the only proof has been their account and a police officer’s sighting. By midnight, police were still using drones and night-vision goggles to search the streets of suburban villages southwest of Berlin, but they had suspended their forest search until dawn, according to a spokesperson.

Michael Grubert, the mayor of Kleinmachnow, informed the public radio RBB that experienced animal trackers looking for excrement or bloody prey remains had been hired, in addition to police, vets, and hunters. However, he conceded that the massive effort, which included more than 100 police officers, helicopters, and thermal imaging cameras, was taxing the resources of his neighborhood. He responded, “This cannot continue for days.” Grubert states that once the animal is found, it would likely be administered a tranquilizer, allowing it to be safely transported to an animal shelter.

The 32 registered lions in the Brandenburg state that surrounds Berlin, according to an RBB reporter, were all present and correct, leading authorities to wonder if the animal had been kept in violation of the law.

Since the search got going early on Thursday, no owner has come forward. Despite several suggestions from individuals, some of whom claimed to have heard a tremendous roar, none of the details have resulted in finding the animal.

The locals have been urged “to act with appropriate caution and to avoid the adjacent forests” as well as to keep farm and pet animals safe. Despite the claimed sightings, Derk Ehlert, a specialist in wild animals, expressed doubt that the animal was a lioness on the run because there had been no sign of it since early Thursday. He stated on public radio that a lioness doesn’t just disappear without a trace.

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