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PM Kakar Introduces ‘ZARRA App’ to Facilitate the Recovery of Missing Children

The Zainab Alert, Response, and Recovery App (ZARRA) was launched on Monday by acting Prime Minister (PM) Anwaarul Haq Kakar to allow the public to promptly report any missing children, according to ARY News.

Launching the application, the Prime Minister reaffirmed our commitment to protecting children’s rights and welfare while speaking at an event in honor of Universal Children’s Day, which is being observed under the theme “For every child, every right.” Reporting missing and abducted children can be done via the ZARRA App, a smartphone application. Users will be able to share the alert with others, submit a picture of the youngster, and offer details about the child’s absence through the program. 


Users of the app will be able to monitor the investigation’s progress and get status updates on the child thanks to its connectivity to all of the nation’s police stations. Speaking at the function, Prime Minister Kakar declared that, in line with the “UN Convention on the Rights of the Child,” the government was committed to ensuring that all of our children have access to inclusive development, healthcare, education, and participation as well as security and dignity. According to the acting prime minister, a country’s children are its most valuable resource and the only source of assurance for long-term development. He added that the government was still committed to ensuring the security and well-being of the kids. He emphasized that everyone in society, including the government and non-governmental organizations, should work to uphold children’s rights and ensure a secure and bright future for them. 

He expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Human Rights and the National Commission on the Rights for Children (NCRC) for their efforts in introducing the ZARRA Alert App and emphasized that all parties involved contributed to its success. According to the prime minister, children are a country’s most valuable resource and the only thing that can ensure its continued success. As outlined in the “UN Convention on the Rights of the Child,” we are committed to ensuring inclusive development, education, healthcare, participation, dignity, and security for all of our children on International Children’s Day. The prime minister also called on the international community to assist in putting a stop to Israel’s inhumane treatment of the people of Gaza, particularly the children and underlined this tyranny. “What we are seeing in Gaza is a genocide against children that needs to end right now,” Prime Minister Kakar stated.

Instead of fighting like a professional army, he insisted, the Israeli armed forces had turned into pigmies in the eyes of people all over the world, murdering infants and helpless civilians. He claimed that this was now a universal human problem that cut across all religious boundaries. The world is denouncing the crimes committed by Israel against the helpless citizens of Gaza and the West Bank.

“We are making every effort to put an end to the violence in Gaza through the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) platform,” he declared. After meeting with the youngsters with disabilities, the prime minister expressed his admiration for their intelligence, tenacity, and will to make a constructive contribution to society. “Their determination to showcase their abilities despite facing various challenges is truly remarkable.”

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