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Pioneer of browsing Microsoft Internet Explorer ends journey after 27 years 

After a journey of 27 years, the iconic browser of Microsoft Company named Internet Explorer has decided to end its services. It is reported that Internet Explorer will not be available from 15 June 2022.

According to the officials of Microsoft, internet explorer has been replaced with a new browser named Edge, which is why they are shutting down it after 27 years.

Previously, the most popular browsing software was having 95% percent of users. Later in 2016, the percentage dropped to 2% after which Microsoft decided to end all the feature development and in 2021, Microsoft 365 discontinued the support for Internet Explorer.

According to the program manager Microsoft Edge, Sean Lyndersay “the future of Internet Explorer on Windows 10 is in Microsoft Edge.” He further added, “Microsoft Edge is not only faster, but it is more secure with modern browsing experience as compared to the Internet Explorer.” He also mentioned that “Edge will be containing an IE mode for Internet Explorer to access the legacy.”

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According to previous reports, Microsoft 365 decided to end its support for IE in August 2021. Moreover, in November 2020 Microsoft Team also decided to end the browser support.

Internet Explorer was introduced in 1995 with Windows 95 as an add-on package. After hearing the news about shutting down of Internet Explorer, Twitter trends took a nostalgic turn with some reactions containing memories.

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