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PCB’s Official YouTube Channel Hacked For a Brief Period

Tuesday morning looks to have seen a temporary compromise of the Pakistan Cricket Board’s official YouTube page.

Officials from the cricket board disclosed that the YouTube channel’s logo had been modified by hackers. The official PCB channel was renamed, according to screenshots sent on Twitter and other social networking sites. In the most recent attack, more than 5000 videos published by the PCB were also made private.

According to reports, PCB’s team spoke with YouTube management to resolve the problem. Hours after the incident, the channel’s more than 4.4 million users were restored, and it is now fully operational with all of its original content available on video streaming sites. Hackers have not yet claimed responsibility for the most recent cyberattack.

Separately, the British Army’s Twitter and YouTube accounts were briefly compromised and used to post about cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens before being reclaimed by the British Army on July 2022. A tweet from the @BritishArmy account read, “We deeply regret the temporary disruption to our feed. We will carry out a thorough inquiry and take lessons from this situation”.

The account had previously retweeted several articles about NFTs. Additionally, the army’s YouTube channel, which had been renamed to “Ark Invest” and featured several films about cryptocurrencies, was returned to its prior state. Currently, it has 177,000 subscribers on its YouTube channel and 362,000 followers on Twitter. A multinational investment firm goes by the name of Ark Invest. An email and website comment request was sent to the corporation, but there was no quick response.

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