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Pakistani Veer gets arrested for crossing border to meet Indian Zaraa, Zaraa says she wasn’t serious

Sometimes things you see in movies don’t turn out the way they are expected in real life. Muhammad Ahmar from Bahawalpur had to see other unwanted ending to his love story when the woman he loved, crossed borders, got arrested for said she wasn’t serious with him.

The BBC reported that Muhammad Ahmar from Bahawalpur applied for visa and upon being rejected he decided to cross line of control by foot.  

Ahmar was quickly apprehended by border forces in the Sri Ganganagar area of Rajasthan, India. Muhammad Ahmar stated during the question and answer session that he was in love with a Mumbai girl.

Investigators tracked down the girl, who was a college student, and discovered that the declaration of love was a hoax. The girl replied that she was not serious and her inviting the man to Mumbai was just a joke.

Superintendent of Police Anand Sharma said that investigators had met the girl. ‘We’re almost convinced there’s no anti-government activity going on, but the central agencies are doing their own investigation,’ he said.

Sharma went on to say that the female was joking around with Ahmar. ‘She asked him to come but never expected him to show up,’ he said.

According to Ahmar’s cousin Arshad, Ahmar’s father is ill in Pakistan and has been bedridden for a long time. Ahmar’s two brothers, according to Ahmar’s cousins, are labour workers in the adjacent districts.

Ahmar’s cousin has confirmed that the photo of Ahmar being circulated in Indian media is indeed of Ahmar.

Indian security officers have spoken to the young man’s mother, according to Indian media, but no formal action has been done to ensure his release.

Aqsa Younas
Aqsa Younas
Journalist, columnist and research analyst.
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