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Pakistani Motorcyclists reach Saudi Arabia to Perform Umrah

A group of 25 Pakistani motorcyclists arrived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Tuesday as they traveled to Makkah on a spiritual pilgrimage.

On January 6, they set out for Saudi Arabia, which they eventually reached after an 18-day trek that started in Lahore. The bikers intend to stay in Saudi Arabia for 15 days before leaving for their home country. Ameer Khurram Rathore, the Pakistani ambassador to Saudi Arabia, received them upon their arrival in Riyadh along with other authorities.

The Pakistani embassy hosted a reception ceremony in their honor. The ambassador presented the group with a shield during the ceremony. On Wednesday, the bikers’ group would travel to Makkah to undertake Umrah.

Pakistani Bikers reach UAE on Their Way to Makkah for Umrah

The bikers arrived in the United Arab Emirates’ capital city of Abu Dhabi earlier on Saturday while traveling to Saudi Arabia (UAE).

A luncheon was held at the Pakistani embassy in Saudi Arabia to honor the motorcycle club. As they traveled through various nations on their route to Saudi Arabia, Mukarram Tareen, the group’s leader, stated at the event that they aimed to convey a favorable image of Pakistan, its rich cultural legacy, and the kind nature of its people. According to a foreign newspaper, he claimed that it was a means to showcase Pakistan’s stunning side to the outside world.

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