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Newly Found Beetle Named ‘Novak Djokovic’ by Serbian Scientists

A new species of underground beetle has been uncovered by researchers in western Serbia, and they are celebrating this achievement with an ode to their nation’s greatest hero.

In a post on social media that was posted by the insect’s namesake, Dr. Nikola Vesovi of the University of Belgrade revealed the findings of his and his fellow researchers. Novak Djokovic, this man has been lifting the spirits of the whole country, making us proud, and throughout that period he has been like a family member to everyone, Vesovi wrote.

He is also the greatest male tennis player of all time and one of the most dominant athletes in history, he continued. He has the honor and pleasure to announce the discovery of a new insect species from western Serbia that was previously unknown to science. They decided to name the new species after Novak as a token of our thanks and as a means to pay it forward in our manner. The blind subterranean beetle is famous for its speed, strength, persistence, and its capacity to thrive in hard circumstances, according to the experts, who claim that the beetle and the 21-time Grand Slam champion share more than just a name.

Djokovic uploaded the photo on his social media accounts with the caption, “New variety of insect identified in Western Serbia named after me.” The two-legged Djokovic has had a lot to smile about lately. The world No. 7 recently won the trophy in his Tel Aviv debut after defeating Marin Cilic in the final and followed it up in Astana with a run to the ATP 500 title. This is in addition to his victory at Animal Kingdom.

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