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Muhammad Reigns Supreme: UK’s Most Popular Boy Names Once Again

The latest data from BabyCentre reveals that the name Muhammad has once again secured the top position for boys’ names in the United Kingdom this year.

The website recently published a list of the top 100 names for both baby girls and boys in 2023, and Muhammad has maintained its status as the most favored name in the country for several consecutive years. Variations in spelling, such as “Mohammed” and “Mohammad,” are also present in the list. Faye Mingo, a spokesperson for BabyCentre, highlighted the significance of name spellings to parents, stating that these subtle distinctions matter to them. Consequently, the charts will now incorporate all individual spellings of baby names.

The parenting platform has revised its approach, treating all name spellings as distinct entries. Consequently, the previously top-ranking girl’s name, Sophia, has now fallen to eighth place due to the inclusion of various spellings. Olivia, a classic favorite, has reclaimed the top position, followed by Amelia, Isla, Lily, Ava, Freya, Ivy, Sophia, Grace, and Willow. The name ‘Muhammad’, carrying the meaning “praiseworthy” in Arabic and associated with the final prophet of Islam, maintains its global prominence among boys, often ranking in the top ten names worldwide. With numerous spelling variations, Muhammad boasts an extensive presence, with an estimated and continually growing 150 million individuals carrying the name, as reported by the parenting website, the Bump.

The name Noah, which holds prophetic significance, occupies the second position on the list of popular boys’ names. It is succeeded by Theo, Leo, Oliver, Arthur, George, Luca, Freddie, and Jack. Notably, several common Muslim names for boys, such as Ali, Abdullah, Ibrahim, Abdul, Musa, Ahmed, Yusuf, Omar, Zayn, and Hamza, are included in the top 100 rankings. As for girls, Layla stands out as the most favored Muslim name, securing the 31st spot. The index also highlights other popular female Muslim names like Maryam, Fatima, Nur, Aisha, Zahra, and Raya.

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