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Lahore goes 50% attendance in school

Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas announced 50 percent attendance in schools in Lahore for students under the age of 12 years in order to control the spread of COVID-19 during the pandemic’s fifth wave.

He tweeted:

Murad Raas said at an event that no decision to close educational institutions in Punjab has been made yet.

He said that social gatherings are contributing to the country’s coronavirus outbreak. The Punjab education minister, who opposes school closures, claims that COVID-19-related SOPs are being followed to the letter and spirit throughout the province’s educational institutions. He also stated that the majority of students have received coronavirus vaccinations.

Restrictions will likely be imposed major cities where the COVID-19 positivity ratio is above 10%

Positivity ratio in major cities

  1. Karachi — 40.13%
  2. Muzaffarabad — 21.43%
  3. Lahore — 15.15%
  4. Hyderabad — 13.98%
  5. Islamabad — 11.80%
  6. Peshawar — 10.68%
  7. Rawalpindi — 10.26%

Punjab Health Minister Yasmin Rashid claimed the virus situation in the province is already under control during NCOC meeting to examine the COVID-19 situation throughout the country and take actions to stop the virus from spreading.

She testified at the meeting, opposing the closure of educational Institutes, saying 85 percent of students in the province are properly vaccinated. In addition, the minister stated that 57 percent of the province’s overall population had got two doses of the vaccinations.

She asked the public to follow the SOPs in order to avoid getting the virus. The government is taking steps to control the spread of Omicron variant of the coronavirus, according to Yasmin Rashid.

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