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Justin Bieber wears Pink Shirt from Pakistani Brand

The internationally renowned musician, Justin Bieber, caused quite a sensation in the fashion industry by sporting a meticulously hand-embroidered pink button-up shirt from the prestigious Pakistani label, Rastah.

This move left both the fashion world and his fans captivated by his clothing choice. This striking shirt is a part of Rastah’s latest collection, Volume 10, and it features intricate hand-stitched white flowers that exude elegance and sophistication. Ferwa Zahid, an essential contributor to Rastah’s creative team, is credited with the modern collar design.

Numerous websites utilized social media to showcase images of Bieber wearing this stunning outfit. Meanwhile, Rastah itself took to Instagram to celebrate this victory by sharing photos of the ‘Yummy’ singer donning their creation, paired with black cotton trousers. This ensemble perfectly blended comfort and sophistication, a look that has become synonymous with the musical sensation. The brand also highlighted their achievement on their Instagram Stories. Without a doubt, Justin Bieber’s fashion choice has given Rastah the recognition they deserve. Fashion enthusiasts from around the world have taken note of the brand’s unique fusion of contemporary designs with traditional craftsmanship.

Congratulations and admiration poured in for Rastah as word of Bieber’s attire choice spread like wildfire. Once more, the global recognition of the brand’s dedication to providing top-notch, artisanal fashion products has been affirmed. International celebrities are increasingly choosing Pakistani designs, reflecting the growing global reach of the country’s fashion industry.

Not too long ago, Ram Charan, the star of ‘RRR,’ garnered media attention when he was photographed wearing creations by Faraz Manan. In 2021, Shah Rukh Khan donned a jacket by the same designer in an advertisement, creating a wave of excitement within the fashion world.

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