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Judge Rana Shamim’s son asks Kashif Abbasi to let him sing a song for his wife on live TV

Things took an unexpected turn in anchorperson Kashif Abbasi’s show “Off the record” when Judge Rana Shamim’s son, who was there to defend his father against some serious allegations, instead wanted to sing a song for his wife during live show.

Supreme Court advocate Ahmed Hassan Rana seemed more interested in talking about his own problems, saying he has no authority in his house. While constantly sipping on a glass, went on to say that his wife was also angry at him and that he is on the road thinking about how to make it up to her.

Ahmad Hassan Rana Asked Kashif, “Can you help me make up to my wife?” The anchor replied he could not.

He then requested Kashif to let him sing a song on his show for his wife; the request was denied by the host who said it is national television.

A few days earlier Ahmad Hassan appeared in Geo News program “Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Sath” in which while describing his relationship with his father, Rana said if he has to go play snooker at 10pm, his wife will ask for the permission and consent on his behalf at 09:45pm from his father.

Ahmad Hassan Rana has made a number of TV show appearances all memorable in their own manner.

Aqsa Younas
Journalist, columnist and research analyst.
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