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Is This Indian Drama Serial a Copy of Meray Paas Tum Ho?

In the latest attempt of copy pasting by Indian showbiz, a copy of Pakistani hit Drama Mere Paas Tum Ho titled ‘Kaamna’ and will be aired on Sony TV.

Indian media industry has a history of creating dramas and movies inspired by Hollywood’s famous work. From dramas to films and films to songs and trailers, the Indian entertainment industry has attempted to copy the original works of immaculately.

The Indian drama is titled ‘Kaamna’ and will be aired on Sony TV Soon. The upcoming Indian drama’s star couple features Danish and Mehwish. The television channel took to YouTube to share teasers of the upcoming drama which looked quite familiar.

The teasers showcases a young woman who is demanding wife of a devoted husband. The husband reiterates that money is not essential and primary need for a good life, but peace is more important. 

Several people, including Indians, called out Sony TV for creating a blatant copy of the drama Mere Paas Tum Ho.


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