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Intercollege group in Lahore – ‘Gang 102’ in deep trouble

A massive group of students of private colleges in Lahore have named their group “Gang 102”  and have been torturing boys outside different schools and uploading videos of their violent acts on social media.

The group gets it’s name from a vehicle present in the group which is a Land Cruiser and with registration number as LE 102. Though the media has reported that it is a group of 35 college going students, but in reality the gang has hundreds of members from different colleges of Lahore of different areas.

The gang has caused concern among authorities, who have recently arrested two of its members for torturing a young man and are actively tracking down other members.

The CCPO Bilal Siddique Kamiyana has taken notice of the matter and ordered a full investigation. He stressed the need for the immediate arrest of those involved in violent and illegal activities, adding that such gangs cannot be tolerated in Lahore, a city of peaceful people. The police have also reported that the group recently tortured a student at a snooker club.

With the situation escalating, the authorities are taking every possible measure to ensure the safety of students and curb the activities of this dangerous gang. The CCPO has urged parents to keep a close eye on their children’s activities to prevent them from getting involved in violent and illegal activities.

This incident is one of several examples of the upsurge in street crime plaguing Lahore, including a record increase in cybercrimes in Punjab over the past five years. The authorities are working to address these issues and protect the citizens of Lahore.

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