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Injections Without Needles – Dutch researchers find a way to end biggest fear of hospitals

In the Netherlands, researchers are making tireless efforts to develop laser technology for needleless injections. This breakthrough development will allay fear and lower the threshold for vaccinations.

In a report of the World Economic Forum, the founder of this idea, David Fernandez Rivas said that the ‘Bubble Gun’ employs a laser to thrust tiny droplets through the external layer of the skin.

Rivas explained that in a millisecond, the glass that contains the liquid is heated by a laser, a bubble is formed in the liquid which pushes it out at a velocity of at least 100 kilometers per hour. Therefore, this enables the researchers to penetrate the skin without damage or wound.

The professor at Twente University and research affiliate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology added that the process is faster than a mosquito bite and must not cause pain because nerve endings in the skin are not touched, he said, adding this would be studied further.

Rivas anticipates that the invention will not only help more people get immunized but will also prevent the risk of contamination by filthy needles and minimize medical waste.

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