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Here’s what Zubair Umar’s wife said before he fell victim to video leak scandal (VIDEO)

A recent interview of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz’s leader and brother of Federal Minister Asad Umar has resurfaced following the recent video leak scandal in which he can be seen having sexual acts with an unidentified woman and is currently trending on Twitter.

The interview of the former Sindh governor was broadcasted earlier in February this year in which he made an appearance with his wife who mentioned a couple of things about Zubair’s character which netizens are now relating to the current situation.

As the host Waseem Badami started a session of his Masoomana Sawal, the situation started unfolding in a way that no husband wants to face especially while being aired live on national television. Responding to a Masoomana Sawal of prime time host, the skeptical wife said she has doubts over the alleged affair of PML-N however she didn’t manage to catch him red-handed.

Taking a jibe at the opposition leader, the host also added that she must have credible information about it as she spend almost four long decades with him and the conversation slowly shifted to the next questions.

Meanwhile, Zubair Umar earlier today responded to the controversy which has sparked a national debate of leaks in the South Asian country. Taking it to Twitter, he said it’s ‘new low’ in current politics as he has been targeted.

The post cited the clip as ‘fake and doctored’ while he added that whoever staged this has done an ‘extremely poor and shameful act’. He further added that he served his country with honesty, integrity, and commitment and would continue to dissent against the oppressors.

Earlier, TV host Mansoor Ali Khan and Gharidah Farooqi revealed that the PMLN leader wants to conduct a forensic audit of the video.

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