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Hareem Shah cries, recites ayat after getting ‘partner in crime’ Arrested in Video Leak scandle

Sundal Khattak, a fellow TikToker, was detained by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in connection with the video leak of another TikToker, Hareem Shah. Shah filed a video leak lawsuit, and Special Judge Central Islamabad heard it.

During the hearing, Khattak, the suspect, and her attorneys both showed up in court. The accused denied making or leaking Shah’s footage during the hearing. She continued by saying that she has been tormenting Khattak for years and that the plaintiff’s tapes have just now surfaced. 

The TikToker said that Hareem was using pornographic images to blackmail her. As this was happening, Shah displayed the aforementioned images and videos in the courtroom.

The prosecutor said during her testimony before the court that people do not post videos on Tik Tok in support of Kashmir’s freedom since everyone is aware of what TikTokers post. After listening to the arguments, Special Judge Central Azam Khan denied Khattak’s request for bail, leading to her detention. 

After a Peshawar judge rejected Khattak’s request to file a lawsuit against TikToker, she predicted that Shah will soon receive the consequences of her threats. Shah was the subject of a petition that Khattak had filed against her, which the court dismissed.

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In it, Khattak said that Shah was threatening her seriously and using social media to spread false information about her. She added that despite the request, the FIA did not take any action against her. Khattak claimed that she had already refuted Shah’s claims when speaking to Geo News about the threats made by the TikToker. “Hareem Shah has made me feel seriously threatened. 


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