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‘Halal only’ diet for Indian Cricket Team puts BCCI in trouble

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) found itself in between a huge controversy after the Indian cricket team’s new ‘All Halal’ dietary plan draws backlash from netizens in India.

The new diet plan allows players to eat ‘halal meat’ only and bans consumption of beef or pork. However, it is important to note that dietary requirement was prescribed by the team’s management and it does not come from the BCCI. 

Fans are questioning BCCI as to why authorities are forcing Hindu and Sikh players to eat Halal food that is against their religious beliefs.

Players aren’t allowed to eat pork and beef in any form or variety to keep themselves fit and healthy, “according to the new dietary plan of the Indian cricket team, if any player wants to have meat, it should be only in halal form, players can’t eat any other form of meat whatsoever,” it added.

“How can the BCCI impose Halal food on players of Team India?  Who has made this decision of only halal meat for Indian cricket players?” said one user on Twitter.


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